Since we scour the internet daily to bring you the very best in Mobility news and reviews I thought I would start out today by bring you our friends at’s “Schmackdown” between the brand new iPhone 4 and the Spring HTC EVO 4G. Both devices are red hot right now and considered to be the best of the best in Smart Phones. The iPhone of course is incredibly well known and the newly released iPhone 4 sporting a 3.5” screen where the EVO sports the huge 4.3” inch screen. The iPhone 4, which is the pride and joy of AT&T is running a brand new IOS4 operating system, the EVO is running Android with HTC Sense user interface that we all know very well by now. So if you are heading out to buy the best that the Mobility World has to offer and have not made up your mind yet, check out this video by and see which parking lot you pull into, AT&T or Sprint.



  1. considering that the evo is on sprints network i find it hard to beleive a whole lot of people are going to be wheeling into sprints parking lot

  2. @sm0k3ydaband1t: I was willing to give Sprint a try, but everyone was out of stock the day I went to purchase it. I couldn’t even order it on their website. I finally ordered it on Amazon with a two-week wait, but after two weeks, they pushed it out another month. Canceled that order and am trying to decide if it’s worth paying the $299 price tag up front and wait for the $100 mail-in rebate. After all the sour grapes, I’m not feeling the love. Maybe I should go for the Incredible on Verizon….

  3. I am one of these individuals who puts their entire life on their own phone so I got a Centro way back when and loved it- so personalized (color coding things such as calendar appointments is a MUST for me) and easy to use. The Pre came out and I was loving it… but… well… it just lacked some ‘me’ things. So, when I noticed all that Android could do…. well I was extremely thrilled. I was blessed to have found 1 phone left in stock at a Radio Shack 40 miles away last weekend and I’ve been enjoying and customizing ever since.

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