HTC can call their newest software feature whatever they want but at the end of the day it is just another tweak to deliver their version of Sense.

You know what would have made the HTC One a killer device? Pure Android. Google has gotten Android down to a science so why mess it up by introducing so many niche, over hyped but non value added things.

Nobody screams about pixel count. Everyone pretty much has been using 8MP cameras. That’s a non-story.

Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) similar to what is found on the Lumia 920 is a great feature.

As a photographer I can say that the way HTC is going about their camera tech is a great way to go.

HTC launching a new trade in program where customers that preorder can turn in their current phone to get up to $100 off of a One.

It is clear that HTC created the HTC One not to make daily tasks easier and more efficient but to hammer home the point that your phone is so much more than just a phone, it is a device.

Hiding Google Now behind a long press of the home button is idiotic. That is the platform’s shining feature and most users will be hard pressed to find and use it regularly.

All in all the hardware design is top notch-best in class even. The problem is that on the software end of things HTC has positioned itself as a phone that is fun, not so much functional.

These are just my initial quick thoughts from the HTC One unveiling. If you have any thoughts or comments please drop them in the comment section below. We’ll be having a lot more to say on the HTC One and it’s place among the leading smartphones out today and due to arrive in the upcoming year.


  1. HTC is doomed. No matter of what they bring to the table, on Android side they can’t really compete with Samsung with their Galaxy line and Google with their Nexus line.

    They did a good job with HTC 8x and 8s on WP side of the house, but they did with half-heart and half-ass job there. Now they can’t compete with Nokia on that side of the house.

    If someone walks into a store (at leas in US) and looking for anything other than iPhone, they pick up either Samsung Galaxy or Nokia Lumia. If not for their WP8 yellow and blue colored phones of 8X, no one would pick up a WP8 there. They should focus more on Windows Phone rather than Android, because on WP side of the house they have limited competition (at higher phone level and entry smartphone level also).

    • I just don’t understand what HTC is thinking. They spew about megapixel wars but they were the company that brought a 16MP camera to the market.

      Build a product you believe in and market it nonstop. Its really that simple.

      Watch Samsung trump them in everything good about the user experience aside from the camera.

      Had they delivered the camera tech and amazing build body in a pure android experience they could have taken the fight to Samsung.

      • Agreed. They should have gone with 16MP camera and added OIS to that and they could’ve gotten a killer device. and they should focus on their weak-spots, i.e. blotted HTC Sense and Microphone. My friends always complain that they couldn’t hear me, if I use HTC Titan, Titan II or Vivid. When it comes to quality of Samsung higher ends vs. quality of HTC higher end phones, Samsung rules. Also Samsung are gradually building their ecosystem with MediaHub, improving TouchWiz UI, they are giving heartache to Google and its other OHA partners. If someone is into Android ecosystem and wants a higher end phone they pickup either Galaxy SIII or Note II not a HTC One phone.

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