1 Sale a Day is doing a tablet only flash sale, they’ve got 18 different tablets on sale and two accessories. You’ll need to actually have an account though to see the deals, so once you login the deals will be ‘unlocked’ to view. I grabbed a couple screenshots for you though. They’re mostly Android like the three different Acer Iconica tablets, Moto Xoom, Asus Transformer and several others but there is the iPad 2 16gb for $349.99, the BlackBerry Playbook for $219.99 and well there is a Dell Inspiron Mini thrown in the mix for only $199.99. Anyway, check  out the screen grabs and see if something is interesting..




  1. I think it’s hilarious that they are claiming “$300 off!” on the iPad2.

    Yes, $349 is a good price, but under what circumstances did an iPad2 with 16Gig ever retail for $649?

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