I’m not on Google’s mailing list. Hell, I’m a devout Gmail user, and I’m always dead last to get any of the latest features and roll-outs. But the fellas over at Gizmodo do not suffer the same indifference from Google Headquarters, as they just received some fancy news in their inboxes. They’re reporting that Google has a big announcement on August 12th for its mobile division. Specifically, they will be unveiling “a couple of cool new mobile features.” Last time Google made an announcement like this, we got turn by turn Navigation added to Google Maps. Any guesses as to what’s on deck?


  1. Google Maps Navigation for the iPhone? lol… no.

    A preview of Android 3.0?

    I dunno… I really can’t think of much else that they haven’t done on Android that I’d like to see… I guess that’s why they make the Billions.

  2. Google Voice with full VoIP, both wifi and cellular, would be at the top of most people’s wish lists, at least mine, but I don’t see that happening…

    Maybe a tablet? Chrome?

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