infinitybladelogoI still play Infinity Blade on my iPad 2 and my iPhone all the time even though I have beaten it twice. There is a second challenge when beating the game the first time that you can keep your level and continue on with the game to try to make it past level 100. Unfortunately I have only made it to level 97, with only the Randor and and Gnarl left to master. These final two weapons will never make me the XP to level up three times. This is a great game, monotonous at times, but has amazing graphics and game play. The UI is outstanding too. Infinity Blade in the last update dropped some multi-player goodness “Arena” on us. I have not played much of that but may start here after I finish the last two weapons on the regular game play. 

If you have not downloaded this game yet, head on over to the App Store and check it out! It’s now 50% off the original price! If you are playing Infinity Blade, drop a comment with your favorite weapon and what level you made it too.

“For a limited time, Infinity Blade is on sale for 50% off normal price!”


  1. 50% off.. I ‘d love to get it for my iPod but too bad, as usual, iTunes isn’t working correctly and won’t see my ipod… it should work after I restart it a few more times and reconnect my ipod a few more times. Why can’t they create an interface that just works? I don’t get how people love Apple stuff when the core part of the product, iTunes, is crap and doesn’t work half the time?!! !

  2. I have never had a problem with iTunes on my iPhone or iPad. However, my kids iPods almost never work. I think iPods must get kicked off first when there is high traffic volumes on iTunes.

  3. I don’t get to play it often, but it is a sweet game. I refuse to put real money into purchases, though, so I am at a plateau where things are going to be VERY repetitive for a while.

  4. I hate to admit it, but I soaked just enough for me to get the damn Infinity Blade. Didn’t read in the forums that using the Mana Helmet would significantly speed up my money income and I could have purchased it or fake money and not mine. But hey, I had too many hours into this game not to finish it. That and I have absolutely no patience what so ever.

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