Not sure how I feel about this…like a dog chirping or something else that’s just not natural. Anyway Engadget is showing off a video of Android (1.6) running on the iPhone (2G). There’s button mapping but because the iPhone lacks buttons the volume button has been taken over. It’s interesting to watch…not sure why someone who wants Android would buy an iPhone since it’s not the best form factor for it, but the concept of an open source iPhone is interesting.

This is a dual booting phone so at startup you can pick your OS. Full information on the download is located here.


  1. Ummm.. now that is awesome. If they can eventually get 2.1 running on other hardware (3G and 3GS) then the iphone has suddenly gotten a lot cooler in my eyes!! The real question would be: is the iphone portion still seen as a legit install by apple?

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