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Iris Browser Updated to v1.1.9

Just checked out the Iris blog and noticed that an update is available. The update list is as follows:

It includes a number of important fixes and some exciting new features.  The highlights in brief:

  • Improved canvas support – curves,  transparency fixes, and more
  • Application cache support
  • Some networking and javascript fixes
  • Flash reliability fixes
  • The link click animation has been removed, by popular request
  • A security fix in SVG support
  • Preliminary RTSP support and a Windows Media plugin.  Also the beginning of HTML5 audio/video support (more to come here)
  • Fixes for various iPhone sites, including Google calendar and reader Some of the multimedia features are still early in the development cycle but considering how much already works we decided it was worth releasing it now.

You can download the update through the online update system or via our download page.

I appreciate that these guys are really pushing out updates and improvements to the browser and they don’t try to hide their releases.