At least that appears to be. Now Samsung owns nearly 95% of Android device market and making more revenue than Google, it is definitely powerful. The second leader in Android devices is LG, which makes about 2.5% of market share and rest merely 2.7%. I think the first one to jump the ship and got pulled into OHA mantra, HTC, is the biggest loser because its share is so dismal there. Once Microsoft makes every Android device maker to signup with them for patents, I think Microsoft could top Samsung on profits with respect to Android device sales, even though it doesn’t make any devices using Android OS.

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  1. 95%, no shit.. well, go LG baby.

    Samsung makes more revenue in Android device sales, that sounds about right. They probably make more money in marine insurance than Google too.

    Does Microsoft have any interest in forming a more cooperative, friendly and symbiotic relationship with Google, or is a fairly adversarial arrangement more profitable for both companies, now and down the road?

    Hope you’re watching this Google I/O thing, good stuff. They had a wireless demo fail in the beginning which you would have loved.

  2. Failures happen always. Even “Everything should be right” Steve Jobs presentation had faced too. I am looking for the Android Studio links though. :)

  3. Doug, again you have your preferences and ‘slants’, but I’m pretty sure google is the adversarial one in this.

    They violate patents, and MS (and everyone else) does what they are supposed to do. But it was Steve Jobs who vowed to “destroy google”, not anyone at MS.

    As a result google takes an incredibly petty stance on things. Even to the oint of trying to convince the public (their followers) that companies shouldnt address the patent issues at all. I mean…. really??

    It’s kinda cool to see google taking off the ways they have, but don’t turn around and bite the hand that feeds you.

  4. whenever I read stats like this I’m baffled why htc doesn’t take wp seriously. I understand that single digit android market share points far outweigh singlet digit wp market share points, but it seems to me they could get ahead of the game and be smart about it too, like say combining marketing and research by releasing a wp htc one. it’s not that difficult to spec it too the limitations of wp and don’ttellme they wouldn’tsell a bunch of them while getting their foot in Nokia’s door.

  5. Sean D, one way to look at my question, would the two companies both be better off if they had a more cooperative relationship, was as a yes or no or possibly kind of question, not blaming or slants and who did what. If anyone is “going again” it is quite obviously you, which saddens me.

  6. I’m not sure. It’s complicated, especially in light of the things you’ve told me, your perpetually cantankerous tone notwithstanding. You seem to know what you’re talking about, Sean. You’d make a good writer, parenthetically.

    I was just throwing out there, and not rhetorically (I don’t know the answer, I was not trying to say Microsoft is stupid for being jerks impeding world progress and milking Google), a question regarding what would be best for business, cooperation or confounding forms of adversarial competition which included litigious forms.

    The answer may very well be the latter, particularly if you include consumers as part of who the beneficiaries would be.

  7. I honestly don’t know where it started either. All I can say is from the mobile stand point, google is the culprit.
    Maybe their stance is that MS is going after them and their OEM’s for “infringements”, so that’s good enough reason to act petty. But then again, Jobs was the one who vowed to “destroy” google yet they have no issues with apple, and ios.
    So who knows? I s’pose at this point most people choose a side based on whichever company we have given the most money to.

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