So I was posting the news on my other sites and I came across this brief article from Kitguru about Windows 8 Tablets and I just thought it was worth sharing over here. One of the things mentioned is that interest has dropped actually in the Windows 8 tablet and I have a few ideas as to why, but I know I want one. What about you?




“The industry has been buzzing now for months regarding the upcoming Microsoft operating system. Windows 7 has not proven a success when running on tablet computers, with many users complaining that the operating system was never really designed from the ground up to handle a touch screen. Windows 8 is set to rectify this, and for the first time it may give Microsoft a viable platform to launch an attack on industry leaders. Apple.”


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  1. At this point in time, no, I don’t want one. I do believe that the last windows based computer I will ever purchase was my Envy 17 that I got myself last fall. I’ve tried the win8 preview (yes, I know it’s very early software) and am not impressed (on the other hand, I was incredibly impressed with the windows 7 dev preview….) Will I have to use windows 8 at work? Sure. Will it cross the threshold into my home? Nope. We’re all Mac over here now. My envy 17 will be retired soon in favor of a new MacBook pro, and my kids aging pc will be replaced with a mac mini in a couple months. As for tablets, iPads are all the rage in the Leiter household and we plan on getting our third one when apple launches the iPad 3 in the coming months. Windows 8 tablet? Not a chance.

  2. Considering Microsoft seems to be the only software company bothering with content creation as opposed to consuming… yes, yes I will.

    Tablets at this point are dwarfed by laptops for programming abilities, and spit on by smartphones for their communications. Windows 8 is promising an experience that will exceed others, and if they can actually deliver this time then I will have one in my house in a few years.

  3. Got sucked in to buying an Acer Windows tablet (actually a convertible) about 8 years ago, and disappointing would be an understatement. But I am will to give it another try. Been waiting a very long time for Windows in a +/- 10″ slate format.

  4. Interested? Yes, definitely. Will I actually get one? That depends on what I see when the actual product is released. I really want my tablet to be able to run my desktop apps, and Windows 8 will allow that; but that means that the tablet will need to contain a x86 processor. Will that nick the battery life too much? If so, I might just bypass a tablet altogether for a while. (Another while, rather.)

    In other words, I like what I’ve seen from the OS so far and think it will be just peachy for a tablet. It’s the first tablet OS I’m seriously considering for myself. However, whether I purchase a Windows 8 tablet will depend on hardware and performance (and price, of course).

  5. I don’t get all the windows/microsoft hate.
    You could at least offer some arguments when you feel the need to bash.

  6. markiz: They’re fanboys, they don’t need a reason. They feel they’re right no matter what so they don’t need any justification to hate anything.

  7. I know, but that’s just stupid. I also am subjective and can not understand why anyone would not like Metro or would write of W8 before even a beta, but hate is just too strong a sentiment. You can be skeptical, but to hate is an overkill.

  8. Of course I will give a Win8 Tablet a look. Why wouldn’t you? Just like I looked at the iPad and all the Android tablets. I’ve owned one iPad whose fascination has worn off and is no longer used. I haven’t found an Android tab I really care to buy with the exception of two Nooks for my wife and kids.

    Same goes for the desktop. I’ve used Windows, Linux and OSX. While I currently use Win7 and have stopped using OSX, that’s subject to change at any time. Will I jump on Win8 on the desktop / laptop? Maybe. On a tablet? Perhaps.

    But why all the MS hate? Google sucks just as bad as does Apple. It’s just under sexed and over testosterone fanboys love.

  9. I can see the argument for content creation. That’s a real world use for a device like this and I can support that choice.

    However, probably 99% of the people that are going to be buying a tablet will be consuming content. Making a device that is comparable in price and features to an iPad while not confusing the ever living shit out of their users? Good luck. Android tablets sure as hell can’t do it.

    As for the MS hate?

    Yep, alive and well. I still don’t remember what day the world lost their mind and forgot about how bad Microsoft sucked (M$ has been a hated tech company for many many years – they’re just a necessary evil to be honest), but I bet it has something to do with the Xbox generation. And even possibly because Windows 7 was the single most useful piece of software that Microsoft has released since DOS and Windows 3.1

    After 20 years of slugging through Microsoft Desktop software, I’ve made the choice of going with a much more elegant solution. OSX Lion blows Windows 7 out of the water. Sure, Windows 8 is on the horizon, but don’t forget that Apple doesn’t show their next products until they’re almost ready for production.

    A common joke we tell in the IT field is that we who work with Windows computers every day recommend their business partners to buy more Windows machines. We tell friends and family to buy Apple. Reason being, our clients will have to call upon us to make the Windows machines work, but we’ll never hear from our friends or family since their Macs will be working perfectly, and if they do have an issue, Apple is more than willing to help out.

    As for Chrome…. lmao, that’s funny right there. Git’r’done!

  10. Every hipster always says he buys and recommends OSX for personal use, but none of them ever give any reasons. Why is that? :)

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