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Landscape Camera Problem With WM 6.5: Herg to the Rescue

With both EnergyROM 3.0’s I’ve flashed (both with WM 6.5), there was a problem with the camera. When I rotated it from portrait to landscape the screen would go blank. The 

Well, I was just reading up on Herg’s new Doug E Fresh ROM and saw that he was having the same problem. But instead of complaining about it, he was doing something about it. Herg found a fix that worked for his ROM. So I asked him if the fix would work for NRG’s ROMs too and he said “give it a try.” So I did and, lo and behold,  problem solved.

Go here to see the fix. It requires two simple registry edits.

Once again one of the Masters of the Fuziverse made life just a little bit better.