hollaridThis was a lot of fun while it lasted and we had some really nice apps this go around from  Handango and their now famous, FREE APP FRIDAY! So with this last installment until the decide to run this again, here is the Free App for this Friday, HollerID:

Put your smartphone to work so that when a contact calls you, your phone will literally announce the first name of the caller. An incoming call from a nametone-enhanced contact will no longer require that you grab the phone and read the display. Just listen for the nametone and decide whether to take the call or not. Download HollerID Nametones today for FREE using 100% off code FAF827.

Features include:

  • 1,780 of the most common American first names, according to recent Census data
  • Each nametone has the option of one, three or five seconds of delay before it will be repeated
  • Every nametone is available in at least fifteen different voices

Head on over to Handango now to get your copy of HollerID for how much? Oh yeah, FREE!!!!!


  1. You know what else is FREE!!!!!! (though it’s free every day of the week), requires no promotion code and does “literally” this but for email and sms as well? SayMyName. Right on the market, no need to sign up for some website.

    Oh wait was this a promotion? Sorry.. :)

  2. Nice little app …. sorry, did I say little? This thing is a 61MB download, if you have to install it on device memory it would leave a lot of folks out on this one. I don’t know if that’s the case or not, didn’t get time to try installation to device before heading out the door to work this a.m.

    Someone let us know if it will install to storage card.


  3. Lol, I downloaded it too and cannot believe how big it is. Do they know that MSVC is less than a tenth of the size of this brick? No wonder they have to give it away.

  4. Glad I passed on this one. Let’s see, 1,780 names X at least 15 different voices (let’s say 16) = at least 28,480 OGG, no probably WAV files.

    I assumed this app would require still another “service” cause I am sure it has to be running all the time, and I am already to the point where I had to eliminate a couple goodies just to maintain a minimum number of open slots. So unless its essential, no more background apps for me.

  5. Finally got around to dumping the cab out of the setup.exe for this app. The setup.exe is like 60 MB in size, but the cab is only 62 kb. Go figure. It’s one weird-ass app, I only launched it, but haven’t figured out how to use it. It opens up a bunch of url’s. I’m glad it was free.

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