Call me crazy but I thought Google TV was going to have legs. I mean, not out of the gate but I thought that by now they would have refined the software to the point where it was something crave-worthy. And nope.

Logitech was an early manufacturer with their Logitech Revue and as we heard, they had more returns than sales early on.  It cost them over $100m as they entirely failed to sell and there’s no Revue 2 in the works. Their CEO called Google TV a beta product and ultimately a mistake. The only redeeming words about Google TV are that it has a chance, in a few generations, to be a viable product.

Well if you liked the product at all you can probably get them for pretty cheap this holiday season as they sell through what they have in stock and after that Google will have to up their game before the top tier manufacturers take another shot at the beta world that is Google.

via The Verge


  1. I don’t know if google does get into the cable providing industry then this beta box might be relevant again. The problem I have with boxes like this one, the roku and boxee box is that you can’t access everything like you can on a computer. My solution was to buy a cheap laptop so I can watch anything I want on my big screen from the internets. I have friends that make dedicated media center PCs, that is the ultimate solution but expensive.

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