So the name is a bit odd, it’s called the @7PM but the device seems rather cool especially since it works with both Android and iOS devices without having to buy a different one. It’s just a little dongle type device that plugs into the headphone jack on your phone or tablet and then you just install the fee app. Like most universal devices you’ll need to configure it but Looq says that have over 9000+ models in their database of devices. The price is $34.99 and I think it might be worth it. My HTC One has the remote built into it and recently the remote for my HDTV died but now I just use my phone to control the TV, works fine for me…




The @7PM creates a universal remote out of any iOS/Android smartphone, making users king of the couch. It works with an unlimited number of iOs/Android devices – no product key validation is necessary for set-up. No more fussing with multiple controls or switching between wands to control various media; @7pm is compatible with more than 9,000 different entertainment system models. The 2-inch @7pm device plugs directly into the smartphone. The colorful, “big button” display can be used to change channels and volume, create a favorites list, and switch between devices like a DVD, set top box, stereo, or almost anything else that uses an IR remote.  Looq also added a fun factor – Shake mode (optional) adds ease and entertainment as viewers simply shake the phone to adjust volume and/or channel settings. The corresponding iOS/Android app is free and ready for download in the iTunes/Android stores.


  1. Hmm, maybe they should have just left the Infrared sensor on devices like they had on Pocket PCs. I enjoyed printing directly to HP printers with my handheld. And of course, driving bartenders nuts.

    • I always wondered why they stopped putting infrared sensors or transmitters on phones. My guess is that they stopped because of the popularity of Bluetooth. I know I like having the infrared on my phone now, like I said my remote died all of the sudden for my HDTV and luckily I have it built right into my phone so I’m set. Sure not everyone is going to use it, but it doesn’t take up much space surely so why not have it as it is very convenient…

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