Well fresh off the heels of discovering that women do, in fact, enjoy gaming Microsoft is expanding its reach to that audience. Think I’m blowing smoke? Microsoft’s data shows that, in the U.S., a full 40 percent of its Xbox Live users are female. So seeing a cosmetic giant like L’Oreal launching an app should signal that word has gotten out about the big opportunity to connect with that audience. The app will give users the opportunity to get fashion tips, watch video tutorials and buy product. The app is getting a boost from Cone Nast’s Lucky magazine to help build out some of the content, which will be updated regularly. Hopefully the app is crossed over to Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 to allow for access to the app on multiple devices.

Image Source: AllThingsD

Source: AllThingsD


  1. Hunh. Not generally my thing, but I saw a few things that I’d at least check out. Kind of stereotype-ish, but not overly bad.

  2. L’Oreal has always been ahead of the curve when it’s come to marketing. Good to see they haven’t lost their touch.

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