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M-Edge Releases Bouncy SuperShell Case for iPhone

Got kids? Got iPhone? Then you need the new bouncy SuperShell case from M-Edge that absorbs shock and bounces when dropped. Somehow I don’t see this case working well, at least with my kids. Mine would see that it bounces and think it’s cool and then proceed to throw it around just for the fun of it and eventually break the phone!


M-Edge, the pioneering consumer electronics accessories company behind the kid-friendly SuperShell for iPad, has launched the SuperShell for iPhone 4/4S. Both products absorb shock and bounce when dropped. Available at, the SuperShell is tough case protection at a reasonable price. If you can stomach watching an iPhone getting thrown around, watch a video of the M-Edge iPhone SuperShell here.

The SuperShell is made with ultra-protective closed-cell foam. Weighing just one ounce, it won’t add extra weight to your phone. The squishy foam material wraps around the edges of your iPhone for a secure fit, while the dimpled texture and ridges allow for a better grip. High-impact corners add style and give the product the “bounce in its step.”

Jenn Sweeney, an iPhone owner and M-Edge customer, recently purchased a SuperShell and had this to say, “My kids use my iPhone for everything from games to web-surfing. Even though they are careful with it, accidents happen. I started looking for protective cases to put my mind at ease. Most of the options for tough cases cost around $80, which was more than I wanted to spend on a case for my phone. When I stumbled on the $30 SuperShell, I was thrilled. My kids love that they are able to use my phone more freely and I love that I don’t have to worry about it.”

At just $29.99, the SuperShell is an affordable insurance policy for the accident-prone and fiscally responsible.

Customers can visit the M-Edge website