Pocket Merchant is a 2-track credit card reader and 42 column thermal receipt printer in one!
Anyone hucking merchandise on the go with Android in their pants just got one more reason to love their phone.  MerchantAnywhere.com just let loose an app that can pair via bluetooth with the same companies two-in-one card swiper and thermal printer.  This is going to save you loads of time and money.  Being able to move through lines of customers with the ease of swiping the card compared to those stupid imprint machines from the 80’s, as well as avoiding any extra fees for non-swiped transactions (due to extra verification checks.)  This same app has been out for WinMo and Iphone for a while, but this is the first swipe and print solotuion for Android.  Hit up the link for more info on the product and how to start prying the money from consumers’ hands more efficiently and with higher margins! http://www.merchantanywhere.com/


    • Cool app but the issue with eliminating swipes causes increased verification costs. Cost of credit verification can run in the millions depending on the number of transactions. Plus, mobile transactions typically fall on the lower cost side of things and having additional fees associated with cards can reduce your margin percentages quite drastically.

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