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Mobility Digest Review: Inexpensive Screen Protector for HTC Titan from Amazon

Amazon is a great place to get inexpensive accessories for your phone. For the most part I’ve had very good luck buying cases and things that cost under $5. Recently I got an HTC Titan and I’m the type of person that must have a screen protector on my devices, I just have to so I went to Amazon and grabbed one for about $2. Is it worth it? Maybe, sort of, not really. So I’ve got a very quick review of it for you…

Author: Kristofer Brozio

Vendor: Amazon

Price: about $2

Overall Rating: 2/5


Crystal Clear Screen Protector for HTC Titan

Crystal clear screen protector with cleaning cloth and easy installation instructions
Screen protector is 100% clear and comes individually sealed with cleaning cloth and easy install instructions.


What’s in the Box?

There is no box it comes in a plastic envelope with a cardboard insert. Apparently it’s not even the correct packaging for the screen protector either, it says anti-glare on the package, the one I got isn’t, but I wasn’t expecting it to be either.


Inside you’ll find the screen protector, cleaning cloth and squeegee card. You’ll notice the protector is sort of curled, I found out later this isn’t a good thing.


Impressions / Review:

Application is just like any other screen protector, you have to very carefully clean your phone than carefully apply it. I got it one fairly easy, only took about three tries to get it right. The protector is a bit smaller than the actual screen so you can’t line it up anywhere, you have to center it on the screen to make it look right.

The curl in the protector made it so the bottom edge isn’t all the way on my phone. it’s hard to see in the picture below but it’s up a little bit on the bottom and on the top. The bottom right corner has started coming up actually and I have to keep pushing it down.

I guess I could have tried to flatten it out by maybe putting it in a book for a few weeks, but I don’t want to wait that long and it shouldn’t have been like that to begin with. It should have been flat.



So is it worth it? No I don’t think so as I’m going to have to buy another one now. I’ve been lucky with the things I buy from Amazon that are cheap and inexpensive, but it seems my luck has run out with this screen protector.

Sure I’ll keep it on my phone for now, until a better one arrives, at least it ‘s somewhat protected.

So buying inexpensive accessories from Amazon is a gamble really, sometimes it works out and sometimes it doesn’t.


+Protects screen


-Curled up when arrived
-Smaller than screen
-Coming off screen