Today for review I have a bluetooth headset from Motorola called the H17txt, odd name yes, but it’s much  more than just a headset. This specific headset features MotoSpeak or the ability for you to listen to text messages and emails sent to you in the headset. While you’re driving or whatever you’re doing, when you get a message it will be read to you right through the headset. It works with either Android or Blackberry phones, and since I don’t have a BlackBerry I’m using my Android phone, specifically the Motorola Cliq XT. The software is very configurable with many options, but the downside is that to get full functionality you’ll need to get the full version which will cost you $13.95. I found the ‘lite’ version to be more than adequate though for my uses. Anyway, read on to learn more about the H17txt and MotoSpeak…

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