2011-10-25_01-05-40_812October marks the beginning of Hunting Season for many of us around the United States kicking off with bow season on the 1st and then following up with gun season in November. I started hunting when I was little with my dad take me too hunters safety course when I lived in Michigan. Hunting kept me busy until I like took some time off and began hunting other game (cough). Since getting married, I have found myself getting back in the woods and getting ready to take my son hunting with me like my dad did me.

Hunting has a lot of waiting involved which causes most hunters to succumb to the exhausting rigors of the hunt and ultimately take a nap. However I never been able to nap like other hunters which resulted in me just being bored out of my mind. Thankfully things have changed dramatically as of last few years when I was amazed to see that my hunting land has got a solid 4 bars of signal and a decent EDGE data connection. Welcome the tech geek to hunting! Last year my iPhone 4 accompanied me on the hunt and those down times between any action were filled with text messaging my buddies who were hunting with me, using the GPS, cruising the net, and even keeping up with mobile tech via my RSS reader. I even used my flashlight app to help me climb out of the stand.

Now most of my hunting buddies are not tech geeks like me, but a fair number of them are now using the iPhone to keep connected and use some of the same features I just described. If you are this hunting geek, then check out what OtterBox just launched for iPhone 4 and 4S owners! The OtterBox Defender Series with REALTREE CAMO is here!

The OtterBox Defender Series with REALTREE CAMO has four different case designs to choose from with either black or hunter orange polycarbonate inner and two different CAMO prints from REALTREE on the outer silicone sleeve to choose from. Check them out:









How well do the OtterBox Defender Series cases work? Well, I have two complete reviews already done on this case to help convince you that this is an excellent investment to protect your iPhone 4 or 4S. Make sure you check them out here:

Mobility Digest Review: OtterBox Defender Series Case for iPhone 4

Mobility Digest Review: OtterBox Defender for iPhone 4S

The REALTREE CAMO Defender Series cases cost just a little more than the standard Defender Series cases by $10.00 so expect to pay $59.99 and they are available now on OtterBox.com. The same quality workmanship goes into the REALTREE CAMO versions of the Defender Series case and the review sample I had looked awesome with the contrasting hunter orange inner polycarbonate shell against the REALTREE CAMO outer silicone sleeve. As I state in the other two reviews of the OtterBox Defender Series Cases, these are the ultimate in protection for your iPhone and I highly recommend them for anyone looking to protect their investment. The REALTREE CAMO Series adds some serious coolness factor for all you rugged outdoorsmen turned geek. This is going to make an excellent Christmas gift for that rugged outdoorsman in your life or why not just treat yourself to this great looking case.

OtterBox kicked out a pretty cool promotional video below and I have my own photo gallery below that for you to check out as well.





















  1. i got one of these camo otter boxes for Christmas and now my phone will not stay connected to wifi is there something i can do to it to fix my problem because i love it! we are thinking it is tight on the sides and interfering with the antenna HELP PLEASE!

  2. I have not had any issue with mine nor could I imagine how a case being too tight would cause this issue. I can forward this to an Otterbox rep for their thoughts.

  3. (Bulk Packaged) (Wireless Phone Accessory) This case encloses your inphoe 3GS in a inner shell that has a screen protector built in. Then the shell is inserted in a rubberized skin. I dropped my phone a few times at work, and it absorbed the shock with no problems. Phone works great. To some my phone in the case looks a bit clunky, but I rather have the protection. This is a must have if you work in a rough environment. better to have your phone look like a tank then a cracked screen. No problems listening to the ipod, or making phone calls, the screen is still sensitive with the screen protector.

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