Welcome back to another edition of Mobility Digest Reviews where today we have a really cool little speaker by SCOSCHE called the boomCAN. I know, I am beginning to wonder why mobile accessory manufacturers continue to try to differentiate their products by using crazy capitalization to make consumers associate them with Apple’s iPhone, iPad, or iPod. In this particular case the SCOSCHE boomCAN really doesn’t need a gimmicky name to make it stand out with a very cool looking little audio speaker. So let’s look past the name and get started with another Mobility Digest Review!

What’s in the box

Always the best place to start is to take a look at the packaging and contents. The outside packaging is pretty well done with a lot of product description on it which I really like on accessories. There are so many choices of accessories that the consumers needs to have as much information available as possible to make the best purchase decision.

Inside the package is the SCOSCHE boomCAN speaker, Combination audio/charge cable which is a mini-USB to 3.5mm (audio) / USB (charging), and last but not least a cool travel pouch.








The SCOSCHE boomCAN is quite small which adds to it’s coolness factor. The boomCAN is extremely portable while measuring in at 2.5" tall and less than 2" wide. On the top of the boomCAN the speaker located below a very stylish speaker grill molded in perforated black plastic. The bottom has a three position switch that is the on/off button as well as a two position volume preference. In the first position marked by a recessed dot is the boomCAN on/off and uses the blue LED in the front of the speaker  to illuminates if the power is on or off. The second position marked by one raised dot and is the mid level volume 1 position. The third switch position is marked by two raised dots that indicates the max volume 2 level.

The front of the boomCAN as I mentioned above has a very bright LED blue light to display if the power is on or off. On the back side of the boomCAN is the 3.5mm audio port and to the other side of the back is the mini-USB port for charging.






The boomCAN’s mini-USB/3.5MM Audio/USB cable attached is pretty interesting in that it looks like it can do more than it does. By plugging the mini-USB into the boomCAN, you can then either plug the 3.5mm Audio side into just about any audio device with 3.5mm Audio out. Or if charging is required, take the USB side and plug it into a computer. What the boomCAN will not do is play music via the USB plug into a PC while the boomCAN is connected to the mini-USB. To play music from a PC, you would have to have a 3.5mm audio out port and use that portion of the cable. Personally, I have a small6 inch 3.5mm to 3.5mm male audio cable that I found perfect for using the SCOSCHE boomCAN. They are cheap and easily obtained from Walmart, Best Buy, or Radio Shack.


  • Dimensions (L x W x H) 45mm x 45mm x 56mm or 2.5” tall by 2” wide
  • Speaker: 40mm shielded
  • Output: 2.5W
  • Frequency response: 100Hz – 20kHz
  • Signal noise ration: >80dB
  • Distortion: >1.0%
  • Playback Time: 4-7 hours
  • Battery capacity: 300mAh
  • Battery charge time: 2.5hrs

The SCOSCHE boomCAN does provide long lasting battery power and is incredibly small and compact. In spite of being this small, the boomCAN has excellent build quality with an aluminum housing and quality molded plastic.


If you are looking for big sound then the SCOSCHE boomCAN is not for you. But that is not the intended use from the boomCAN. It delivers excellent sound quality for it’s size, but remains good solution for a desk or close proximity use. I watched several episodes of South Park on my Dell Streak and iPad 2 and thought the boomCAN did a great job in terms of quality. The sound was very clear and the highs were unexpectedly decent. I also thought the bass was limited but still not as bad as I have tested on other larger single speakers. All in all the sound quality was a very pleasant surprise. Finally, I had no issues with the battery and I got as advertised 5-7 hours of life from it.
























The SCOSHE boomCAN retails on the SCOSCHE website for $24.99 and is available in 4 colors (Blue, Black, Silver, and red). I did some checking around and found the SCOSCHE boomCAN at several well known bargain retailers for less than $20.00. At that price the boomCAN is an excellent value if you are in the market for an ultraportable corded speaker for just about any of your mobile devices including iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android Devices, BlackBerry, Smartphones, Gaming Devices, Audio Players, Laptops, Netbooks, Tablets and more.

I really did not have any issues with the boomCAN and therefore recommend anyone looking for an inexpensive ultraportable speaker for their mobile device. The boomCAN will easily fit in your briefcase or backpack and allow you take it along no matter where you go. With the aluminum housing and quality plastic molded top and bottom components, the boomCAN will have the strength to put up with the frequent traveler as well.

Head on over to SCOSCHE for more information or to purchase for $24.99 or make a quick search on the net and my guess you will find 2-3 reputable online retainers that had them for $16.99 as of this writing.


  1. Another great effort in a review. Thank you Doug. Nice to see a fellow Dell Streak getting some screen time too.
    Now get these other lazy guys to stop with the lame press releases. I understand they have a place, but atleast write some more instead of leaving it all to the press release I have to click again to open. Why not just leave it open to begin with.
    Ranting again.
    Thanks Doug. Peace

  2. Thanks JR, appreciate the feedback. How long are you going to hold on to the Streak? I had thought to sell mine and get the Samsung Note. I really like Gingerbread and hate not getting updates to the Streak. Mine is not rooted after I flashed Froyo. The Dell Stage widgets are not that bad.

  3. I am happy with my Stock, never rooted, Dell Streak5.
    I am not an android fanboy. I miss WinMo 6.x. Assuming my issues are with android and not built into my Streak. I have a short list of minor issues.
    I would like to try Windows Phone, but I don’t see the right device yet.
    The Samsung Note looks promising, but more of the same after the Streak. I want a stylus again though.
    The Sony Tablet P or S2 interests me. I would like to see multiple applications open, each using one screen. Messaging and browser, or a game, or a document I am copying and pasting from one to the other. Increased Functionality would make up for how ugly it is.
    I will be eligible for an upgrade April 2012. I have no intention of ditching my Streak. I still have my first 3 smartphones, Nokia 3650, HTC 8125, and HTC 8925 (Tilt) Only the Tilt is Dead, unresponsive touchscreen.
    Keep up the good work. Peace

  4. @JR: Me too, my Streak is working just fine without rooting. Have you had a look at the HTC Titan for Windows Phone? Huge 4.7 inch screen coming to AT&T. It might be just the ticket.. The Note would be good for me but I just am not a big Samsung fan. I also have not missed a stylus at all since my PPC days. I actually like Android especially Gingerbread and think a lot of their problems are starting to get addressed. Froyo is okay but it still freaks in the Camera app. I also hate the Marketplace. It’s way too congested for my taste. I think the App Store is miles in front right now with the exception of Windows Store that I have not used.

  5. I want a stylus maybe once a day.
    The HTC Titan has promise. And if nothing else comes out for AT+T In the next 5 months, I would consider it.
    Waiting on Sony Tablet P, this year? And the Dell Streak2(Opus 1) but not holding my breath.
    I am not a Windows fanboy, but before Android, nothing else beat it. I was hoping android would pick up where WinMo 6.1 left off, I was not expecting the step backwards first.
    Now on Froyo 2.2 and wondering what else there is to upgrade the OS since none of my issues have been addressed yet.
    Is there a “what I HATE about android” support site that the android people read and try fix for next release?
    LOL, Yea, good luck with that.

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