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Mobility Digest Review: Spb Mobile Shell 3.0

I have always been a fan of an easy to use UI App made for Windows Devices, from HTC Home back on the 8525 and TILT, to Point UI, and now to Spb Mobile Shell 3.0.

Well thanks to, we got a copy of Mobile Shell 3.0 for testing, and let me tell our readers out there that they have made a major overhaul on Mobile Shell. I have always been a fan of HTC Touch Flo 3D ever since it was released, but now HTC has a new player out on the field and it is called Spb Mobile Shell 3.0.

I am not one for a lot of hype so let’s get to the review at hand!

Jump after the break for my complete review of Spb Mobile Shell 3.0

Business Pro Layout Lifestyle Layout


For starters with the new Spb Mobile Shell 3.0 I noticed is there is a business style and a lifestyle side. I am meaning there is a business pre set up for the business user that doesn’t have time to modify the icons to their own style. It has weather, email, missed calls, voicemail, alarms, and calendar all on the main screen. While the lifestyle, with a flick of the screen up, will give you a layout you can add and remove widgets to your liking.

I want to spend a little more time on the lifestyle side since this is the one I use the most of.

On the lifestyle side if you push the icon in the lower left corner a menu pops up, and in this menu you can show the today screen, meaning you can use TF3D if needed. Here you can select edit layout to add and remove widgets to the screen of your choosing. By selecting add widget you will go straight into and icons. The other great feature here you can change the background to a pic of your choosing.

Before we get started on the lifestyle side you need to know that all of the widgets you add, for the most part, are adjustable to fit the screen, meaning if the icons are too big hold on the icon and a new menu pops up. You can select small medium or text(large). Here you can also remove the icon as well if you don’t use it anymore.

While in the lifestyle side, if you flick the screen left or right, kinda like flicking the screen in TF3D, there is a new page to see. By flicking to the left first, this shows a settings based page. I modified mine to reflect just that. You can add anything you want but I chose to make it a settings version.

If you go back to the right from the main lifestyle page and flick to the right you will find a page that looks like a contact page. On this page instead of contacts, since at the bottom of screen you have a contacts button, I made this page an apps page. I have all my apps listed here that I mostly use.

If you select the icon in the lower right corner it will take you to the carousel of choosing several new pages like edit profile, world time, calendar, weather, contacts carousel, Spb contacts, favorite contacts, and call log. This carousel with all the apps you can choose from makes, in my opinion, TF3D look like HTC HOME when TF3D first came out, dull and boring.

Going back to the business side of Spb Mobile Shell 3.0, this updated version by far right now is leading the way of the Battle of the UI on Windows Mobile Phones. There is so many rich features this updated version offers that I can’t list so I will mention the ones I REALLLLLLY fell in love with.

The first thing I noticed on the business side is on the home screen it offers everything a business man needs, like email, missed calls, text messages, and voicemail reminders. There is a very useful calendar at the bottom to keep up with your daily routine as well as alarm to set.

The next thing I noticed, when you select the lower right hand corner icon, is it goes to the carousel I mentioned before. So if you use the lifestyle or business side of this AWSOME app they got you covered to the carousel of other options.

All in all this new version is my favorite UI to use, yes even over TF3D. This app is finger friendly and easy to navigate. On a scale of 1 to 10, 10 being perfect, I give it a good solid 9.

The reason I give it a nine is this is a solid useable UI, there is things that maybe in the future they can add like a stocks widget or a somewhat customizable business side, like to change the color of the back ground from blue only to another color like black.