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Mobility Digest Review: StarTech 3M iOS Device Cable

imageLet’s all get ready to scream at the top of our lungs how much we hate the current length of the Apple sync cables that are included with all their devices! Ready? ONE! TWO!! THREE!!!!!! … ARGH!!!! There, I know it made you feel better if only for  a moment right? If you are feeling the exact same frustration as me then I got just the ticket for you in the StarTech 3M Cable for iOS Devices. So hang out with me and read on for another Mobility Digest Review: StarTech 3M iOS Device Cable.

First off, let’s check out the packaging ad first impression. The StarTech USB2ADC3M Dock Connector to USB Cable comes very well packaged as shown below. The inner contents are well sealed and there is plenty of documentation included to answer just about any question you might have. StarTech not only has a top notch website with great support, they even offer a toll free number should you require it: 1-800-265-1844


So enough horsing around I am ready to get the StarTech Cable out of the box and see for myself just how cool having a longer cable to power up m iPad and iPhone is going to be. The Cable is super thick and uses a 20 AWG Wire that is very well insulated. This allows the cable to overcome the 3M length (9.84 feet!) of resistance and charge your iOS device back up while you use it! The StarTech Cable Features:

  • 1x USB ‘A’ male connector
  • 1x Stepped Apple® Dock connector
  • High quality 20 AWG wire
  • Offers 3m in cable length
  • High quality connectors, suited for repeated connections/disconnections to/from your iPhone®, iPod® or iPad®
  • Compatible with all existing Apple® dock cable connectors
  • Aluminum-Mylar Foil with Braided Shielding
  • Supports high-speed USB data transfer rates of up to 480 Mbps


As you can see in the picture above the StarTech Cable makes the supplied Apple Cable look like puny short cable it really is. I have never gotten the Apple Cable to give me the freedom I need to sit in a chair and use the device while charging. Now with the StarTech Cable I can sit anywhere on my couch and still remain plugged in! This cable is very well constructed with the 20 AWG wire and docking station plug in. I had no issues what so ever engaging the docking plug into any of my devices and it also fits with no problem on the OtterBox Defender Cases on both my iPad and iPhone. The plug end remains plugged in even after I tugged on it a couple times stretching out the cable. The cable, even though it is quite thick, does not bind up or tie up in knots like I thought it might. It remained very straight and trouble free. If you use a lot of iOS Devices I have to say that this needs to be your next purchase!

With the iPhone 5 being released, there is a different plugin that will be implemented. A smaller 8 pin plug end but Apple has already confirmed that they will release an adapter to use with all your old accessories. So purchasing the StarTech Cable should not be a question mark for you and allow you to go ahead and start using your devices with some freedom that the supplied Apple Cable does not give.

The StarTech USB2ADC3M Dock Connector to USB Cable for iPhone, iPad, and iPod is available on for $29.99 and is available now. Some quick searches and you could probably find it a little cheaper on Amazon like I did for $21 bucks.