T-Mobile just went live with the Motorola Charm which features MOTOBLUR for $75.00 after instant and mail in rebates. This Android  QWERTY Keyboard square device comes with a pretty cool feature that I think will really push this device for the people that want easy social media access. The Charm has a track pad on the back side that not unlike the scroll or jog wheel on some WinMo Devices that I really miss, allows the user to easily one hand navigate through apps and content. Check out the Video for more. Also, not mentioned on one of the crappiest device spec pages by a manufacture I have seen in a while, Engadget is saying it has a Kodak 3 megapixel camera. I am curious also to see how this works too. A touch screen and a 1420 mAh battery to keep you juiced up. All in all, I am kinda digging this device. What do you guys think?

Head on over to T-Mobile for more on the Charm by Motorola



  1. @sm0k3ydaband1t: Yeah but we are talking about two TOTALLY different form factors. The backflip sucked and I never thought it would do well, but this thing looks like a blackberry/blackjack kinda thing and I think it could do well. I am wondering if the kodak cam could be a sleeper. I mean, yeah it isnt 8 megapixels, but who needs that much? I would much rather have a better camera with less megapixels…

    Don’t be hatin’ da Charm!

  2. I was just thinking, is this a way to use up the rest of those back-facing touchpads since the Backflip isn’t selling..?

  3. oh, this will definately be a hit, i mean, the backflip had a trackpad on the back of the screen and we all know how well that did…

  4. ok, forget about backflips form factor, i know this is the BB formfactor, but i wont lie, its way uglier than a blackberry, screens not too big, and just look at the picture, the guys holding it so awkwardly, the trackpad doesnt even seem like it would be easy to use the way it was intended… i be hatin’ motorola in general lately :)

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