Want to add a caption or one of those speech bubble things to a Windows Phone photo? Well My Comic is a free app that does just that. There are a few different types of bubbles that you can insert and you can change the size/shape of the line that leads down to the persons mouth. You can even pinch to zoom/expand the photo to make it easier to work and there’s a button to turn the photo black and white. The one thing that’s missing is the ability to undo an action so you need to just flick the caption off the screen if you do something wrong – not a big deal. You can save the photos or upload the photos you make directly to Twitter or Facebook or you can send them to their online gallery which anyone can look at. Pretty neat actually.

As you can see, I put it to the test right away…yup, that took a long time to think up.


  1. I can’t believe the search feature in the Marketplace couldn’t find the app by exact name search. Found it by going to: Apps-Photos-New
    Looks like a fun one!

  2. Usually takes 24-48 hours for new apps to make it into the Marketplace search engine. Surprising but true. Somebody not doing their job, or not doing it well.

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