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  1. Jim Szymanski
    Nov 16 - 8:28 pm

    Good writeup. And not just because I am a fellow Surface owner and Microsoft fanboy. While testing out a new BT speaker, I am experiencing song clipping, which only occurs when the screen has gone to sleep, and typically clears up 10-20 seconds into the song. So not sure if it has to do with buffering, or the Surface trying to do some maintenance when it thinks your not using it.

    Haven’t gotten into a groove of using my Surface every day yet to replace some of the things I do with my L900, like: browsing/commenting on this site, reading/commenting in Board Express and reading other tech sites. But I’m getting there. New apps are showing up in the Store every day, getting me closer to my goal.

    Having the ability to use the detachable keyboard (I have both touch and type) anytime, the expandable storage, the USB port, a real File Manager, and the ability to connect just about anything to the Surface; via USB, BT, WiFi or the Cloud, makes it stand out from the crowd of “other” tablets. No, its not a laptop replacement, but it’s not supposed to be. Its a tablet first. Anything beyond that is bonus.

    • Seon M
      Nov 16 - 9:11 pm

      Hi Jim,
      Thanks for the response. The Surface really is a great product and as a tablet it works really well. I do wish it performed better. The recent system update gives me hope though as things seem a bit smoother and the erratic song skipping when the screen turned off seem to have been fixed. Otherwise I am enjoying it a lot! Now if they fix xbox music I’ll even happier :)

  2. Ram
    Nov 16 - 9:11 pm

    Very good write up.

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  6. drsagacity
    Nov 17 - 7:34 pm

    Your write-up is completely fair. I think my experience with the Xbox music app has been much more enjoyable than you have portrayed, but everything else is pretty much right on.

    For the last several weeks, I have been using the Surface to replace my desktop, laptop and iPad. I have the connection to a larger monitor and the USB connection to a USB hub (Keyboard, Mouse, Printer). Most days, it works flawlessly.

    If I am doing any number crunching as part of my research then I do need to use my i5 device because the Surface doesn’t have the horsepower to manipulate huge spreadsheets of data and it doesn’t run SPSS. Other than that, I spend most of the day running: Music, OneNote, Word and Email as my critical apps. I mix in some time with various news apps or games…but I generally close apps as I am done using them.

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