I am not sure what has gotten into Microsoft lately, but it seems anything Microsoft has been receiving some really really good marketing lately. This latest ad for the new Internet Explorer really does a good job at capturing exactly how people who care about such things feel about IE. Then it does a good job at proving the product is just as good as anything else, notice how they did it all without mentioning the competition or bashing anyone else. I can appreciate that!


  1. I feel that the the last half of this years has been Microsoft’s year. Not only did they bring out a new badass phone, but they also came out rocking Windows 8, at a cheap price, they also came out with really unique, and well desingned tablets, and now this, a better browsing experience. I gotta say Microsoft is finally getting it right, and taking things to that level where they have been out of fro quite a while. I can only imagine what Microsoft has in store for next year, but if it is anything like this year, then it’s gonna be a great year. Keep it up Microsoft!!!

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