tmobilecarlyad1Carly is back and now she is asking the ‘iPhone” guy if either of his networks, AT&T or Verizon has Nationwide 4G which results in another embarrassed 3G only capable iPhone moment where he claims he does not have 4G. The Twins then go on to say “No choice is still a choice” in their now patented dumbfounded look. While it is always nice to see Carly again, this commercial is pretty vague in making sure the viewer understands that it is not that AT&T and Verizon don’t have 4G, it is just that the iPhone is only capable of 3G against the Carly device of choice, the T-Mobile myTouch 4G. As both Verizon and AT&T make ready their 4G entrance with an excellent selection of Devices, T-Mobile will have to look for some other points if interest to make fun of Verizon and AT&T about unless they get more specific with their attacks on the iPhone itself until they release a 4G version of the iPhone.

Check out the video and enjoy:


  1. Free advertising for Verizon, that they have the iphone 4. Until people know what a mytouch is, and would prefer it over an iphone, this doesn’t do much for TMo. Plus, apple stopped doing those I’m a Mac and I’m a PC ads a long time ago, so it seems kind of desperate.

  2. You know whats funny is that the ads keep saying step up to 4G but teh vast majority of the country still has no idea what 3G means. How about explaining and showcasing this “4G” they are so proud of.

  3. […] in the meantime, I’m not too worried about this, the SMS thing, Honeycomb confusion, the Verizon iPhone and whatever other nasty stuff you people try to spike my Google kool-aid with.. Doug […]

  4. HSPA+, though I don’t have it, from what I’ve read at least it’s pretty kick ass in terms of speed and battery and in “real world” conditions it may turn out to blend in with LTE’s performance evenly.

    And then there’s HSPA+42. There’s a whole lot of room left in that standard.

    Guess I’ll walk into a local t-mobile joint and do some speed tests including downloading and uploading rather large files using my server to make sure there’s no throttling to make these tests look nicer.

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