new-xbox-name-leaked-infinityLooks like another leak has emerged regarding the new Xbox slated to be “Revealed”  on May 21st. This rumor, not the first, has to do with what the new name will be for the Xbox. It had been speculated that it would be called the 720, but sources on Reddit have now named it Infinity with some obtained images. I will say that Infinity sounds a lot better than 720 but enough about the names, let’s just hurry up and get to May 21st so we can see the new Xbox first hand!



  1. That’s a stupid name in my opinion. Looking back at the ‘xBox Infinity’ 5 or even 10 years from now and that name will be laughable at best.

  2. It was never speculated that it will be named xbox 720.
    This was just the “code name” given by fans and news sites.
    Just like microsoft had a code name for it ( Durango ).
    On topic, yeah infinity is kinda stupid. I want something simple as well.

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