Here’s one for the kids called the I Wish Story Book and there’s even a Xylophone app to go with it. Xylophones are cool, I remember having a little one as a kid and I know my kids have one or two floating around that I like to play with when they pull them out. As usual the full press release with more info is listed below..


‘I Wish’ is a children’s bedtime story book now available as a universal app on the App Store, written to capture the imagination of young minds.

The iPhone and iPad version features audio narration, sound effects, an xylophone and sound board with sounds from within the story.

The writer Kelly Jarris’ aim was to make something very special for her three boys. With it’s beautiful originally hand painted illustrations by talented illustrator Rosy Sale and simple sound effects, ‘I Wish’ has a unique touch.

This app was designed to bring back the classic book to the iPhone and iPad with the addition of a fun interactive xylophone that will delight young audiences.

The book is suitable for all ages and available for sale on the App Store.


Dedicated website with more detailed info.www.iWishBook.com.au

Check out ‘I Wish’ in the app store. View on App Store



  1. WOW I can not believe this is only 99 cents what a fantastic book. Im really hoping someone publishes this as a hard copy in the US I will certainly buy it. The app is colourful, simple and really effective, my Children has a great giggle especially at the “Monkey in the bath” Finally a book about what kids can do with their imagination, without any adult issues just about a child going on an adventure.. Fantastic.. If anyone knows where I can buy a printed copy let me know.

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