Well I mentioned yesterday that Google began rolling out the ability for US-based Gmail users to make and receive calls on the Gmail web interface with actual phones, free domestic and Canada, significantly better rates than Skype’s for international calls. According to a tweet, over a million such calls were made in the first 24 hours. There would have been a couple more from me if they had rolled it out a little quicker but that’s still impressive, breaking a million that fast.

Now this is reining in the media’s attention, articles about the one million mark in addition to the old rollout bits will get read by people who’d otherwise not think to click the Call phone link in the Chat box as more people who don’t read such things but use Gmail notice it and try it out and realize that this is a thoroughly badass implementation of VoIP and mark my words this will be huge.

Wait, it already is huge. Hmm. Okay, mark my words, … mark my words: I don’t know if Skype’s a public company but if it is, this here blogger is giving it a strong sell recommendation.

Incidentally, your Skype USB phone may be compatible with Gmail’s calling service.

Doug Simmons


  1. Free domestic calls, even if only for a few months, beats Skype. Plus, this will likely lure more people into Google Voice, which will hopefully lead to more development and features for it on the Android side.

  2. As you can see he doesn’t have his face tattoo yet, which, like Michael Jackson when he wasn’t white, means in this context he was just an ass kicker and not an animal in the bad figurative sense.

  3. i find it ironic that its mike tysons arm that you tattoo’ed google onto (they go from no evil to knocking people out and eating ears?)

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