This product seems like a great idea, but what’s the point when all of our phone companies are going with limited data plans now. Even the supposedly ‘unlimited’ plans really aren’t unlimited. I guess you could use this over your home network, but what’s the point? If I’m home I’m not going to use my mobile devices to listen to or watch any type of media. You be the judge…


(BUSINESS WIRE)–Cloud Engines, Inc., creators of the Pogoplug multi-media streaming service, today unveiled their first mobile-focused hardware product with a sleek new design. Pogoplug Mobile serves as a mobile cloud companion, freeing devices from storage limits by allowing users to stream entire libraries of photos, music and movies from their homes to their mobile phones or tablets. The device also enables users to share unlimited amounts of photos, videos and other content from mobile devices with friends and family—instantly and privately.

“If you’re an iOS user, Pogoplug Mobile will be a perfect at-home iCloud companion. For Android users, it’s at-home iCloud for Android.”

Pogoplug Mobile’s extreme multi-media capabilities are optimized for iOS and Android devices. Pogoplug Mobile offers Android users a unified streaming and sharing service and enables automatic home backup of all photos, movies, music and other documents. Pogoplug provides iOS users with unlimited, instant streaming of entire media libraries.

“People today have an almost unlimited need to create and consume multimedia content on their mobile devices,” said Daniel Putterman, CEO and Founder of Cloud Engines. “Unfortunately, their devices just can’t keep up; mobile storage remains too expensive. Pogoplug Mobile solves this problem by providing an incredible streaming and at-home backup solution that turns any mobile device into an limitless media library.”

Pogoplug Mobile includes a number of key features:

  • Stream entire libraries of music, movies and photos to an iPhone, iPad, or Android device
  • No storage limits
  • No need to re-download the same content to multiple devices
  • Permanent storage and backup of all photos and videos taken using the mobile device
    • On Android, automatically back up photos and movies from your hand-held device to your Pogoplug Mobile wirelessly. Content trickles back to Pogoplug Mobile in the background with no action required by the user
  • Pogoplug Mobile device works seamlessly with the Pogoplug desktop software and Pogoplug mobile apps (iPhone, iPad and Android 2.2 and later)

Pogoplug Mobile provides users with a streamlined interface for viewing and managing content on their device, while maintaining all of the great sharing and data access solutions provided by the original Pogoplug hardware and software solutions.

Using Pogoplug desktop software, Pogoplug mobile apps, or the browser-based account, users can access and stream files from anywhere in the world, to anyone in the world. All of these features come packaged with Pogoplug Mobile.

“With iCloud on the horizon, the timing for Pogoplug Mobile couldn’t be better,” continued Putterman. “If you’re an iOS user, Pogoplug Mobile will be a perfect at-home iCloud companion. For Android users, it’s at-home iCloud for Android.”

Pricing and Availability

Pogoplug Mobile will be available in October 2011 for a suggested retail price of $79.99 USD. Pre-orders are currently being accepted at Pogoplug’s iOS and Android apps are FREE and available for download in the iTunes and Android app stores, respectively.







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  7. I have an original pogo plug and an updated v2 one. There desktop software sucks. But it is a great device to is install arch Linux arm on. With that the device has been wonderful. I use subsonic to stream music to my phone and work computer, samba to do local file sharing, and it even does my tormenting effortlessly. It has been my first experience with any form of Linux. Definitely worth the effort to hack, not sure how hackable the new device will be just trying to forewarn any body about how crappy pogoplugs software is.

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