Here we go another product with an ‘I’ in front of its name?!  The funny thing is that it’s powered by Android and has nothing to to with iDevices or Apple at all. Anyway, the iStick as it’s called is rather cool, it’s Android 4.0 on a device about the size of and with the looks of a regular USB drive.  It’s got a 1ghz CPU and 1gb ram with 4gb storage and can do 1080p and it only costs $69.


PQ Labs Inc, the leading technology provider behind the magics of large Multi-Touch solutions, demos the world’s smallest high performance computer supporting Multi-Touch and 42 inch "tablet" TV.

iStick is an magical device that changes your thoughts of a computer. The iStick computer is almost the same size as a USB stick. When connecting to a TV, iStick instantly turns it into a smart TV delivering stunning images and interactive content. Users can watch YouTube videos, get social with friends on Facebook, play video games or do anything that can be done on a tablet. With iStick, people can turn HDTV into an ultra-large tablet in the living room.

iStick currently supports up to 120 inch large display. Imagine how such a small gadget can power up that huge display. Equipped with high speed processor (up to 1.8GHz Dual Core) and GPU accelerated 2D & 3D graphics, iStick can bring ultra-smooth HD video playback and 3D gaming experience even on a 120 inch display. And please don’t forget, iStick is so affordable – only $69.

iStick is targeted for both home entertainment and business use. No need to bring a laptop into the meeting room, just go and connect iStick to a projector, and you’re ready for a business presentation. The iStick is 66 times smaller than any mini PC cases. With iStick, people can greatly simplify their digital signage solution. No need for on-site professional installation, no bulky PC cases, mounts, fixtures are needed, and it’s a plug & play. With PQ Labs Multi-Touch technology built in, iStick enables all-in-one digital signage solutions which are extremely easy to build and deploy.

“As the technology moves forward, computers are becoming smaller and even smaller. Yet the display and MultiTouch screen are becoming larger and larger.” said Frank Lu, CEO of PQ Labs. “Get the small gadget computer today and embrace the advance in technology.”


  1. This is really getting old. I run Android, anything that runs apple starts with i+capital letter, ect. That in itself is old hat. Something that has nothing to do with apple and has that style of name or branding is just ridiculous. I vote with my wallet, and would never buy anything i+capital,ect, unless I was running an apple, mac something. Come on people! Stop sucking on apples junk……….

  2. Been doing a little research and apparently this isn’t the first company to do a device like this. I have found at least 4 others, two of which are already out.

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