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Mobility Digest Review: Uniea U-Sleaf Reversible Universal Sleeve for 10.2" Netbooks

I’ve come to really like my netbook, honestly I don’t even use my full sized laptop anymore, it’s big and it feels kind of weird after using a netbook for so long. I don’t need a full sized laptop to check my email and browse the web, a netbook is perfectly suited to that task. With the incredible popularity of netbooks comes the inevitable accessories for them and some, as with anything, are better than others.

Today for review Uniea has sent me over a simple, yet elegant solution to protect your netbooks without adding any real weight or bulk to it. The product is called the U-Sleaf, and if you can’t tell from the name it’s a sleeve for your netbook. The U-Sleaf won’t offer the protection of a full sized case, but that’s not the point of it, the idea is to offer the user protection from scratches and scuffs. It’s made of neoprene so it is durable and it’s thin so it doesn’t add any real thickness or any weight at all to your netbook. You can use it alone to travel light, or you can toss it in a bag with your other stuff and not really have to worry about marring the beautiful finish on your beloved netbook. So read on to check out a product that I really like, and one that I think you’ll like as well…

Specs Etc:


Price: $19.95

SIZE: W 280 x H 31 x D 195(mm)
WEIGHT: 2.8oz (80 gram)
MATERIAL: Neoprene

* Fashionable, stylish design
* Lightweight neoprene construction
* Secure curve-shaped flap
* Stands alone or in your bag
* No more scratches for your laptop

The Review:

There’s nothing special about the packaging, it’s just a vinyl zip style bag that holds the U-Sleaf.

As you can see the one I got for review is rather colorful. The back is plain, while the front has a flap that you lift open to insert your netbook into.

My main netbook is an OCZ Neutrino, it’s a DIY netbook actually. I’ve got it tricked out with a nice speedy OCZ 60gb SSD along with 2 gigs of ram, but it still contains an Intel Atom processor. I’m thinking about getting a touch screen kit for it as well then I’ll be  set… The sticker I stuck on there is of my own doing, I was just playing around with it, it’s hand cut, so you can ignore that, I’m getting one professionally done for me…

So here’s my netbook inside of the U-Sleaf, you really can’t tell it’s in there, it just looks fatter now..

But there is a small surprise, sort of, to the U-Sleaf, it’s Reversible! So instead of the brightly colored pixel pattern we can switch it to a solid brown.

So that’s it, there’s not much to this product really. No zippers which is nice, but the flap does hold your netbook in place very well.


The Uniea U-Sleaf isn’t meant to offer full body armor style protection for your netbook, it will though offer protection from scratches and scuffs from daily travel.

If you want to travel light and still protect your netbook then this is a good idea, you can use it as is or toss it in a bag and not have to worry much about your netbook getting damaged.

It’s a stylish product, and since it’s reversible you’ll have two choices of the look of it. Depending on your mood you can pick solid or colorful.

The U-Sleaf is available in several different colors and styles so I’m sure you can find one that fits your style.

I have no real complaints about the U-Sleaf, maybe the price. I think $15 would be a more appropriate for it especially since you’ll have to pay shipping as well… Even at $20 I think it’s worth it, I can just toss my netbook in there and it has some protection, this way I don’t have to take my big messenger bag with me if I don’t want to.


+Well made

+Decent protection for your netbook

+Reversible and available in many colors


-Price might be a bit high…

Disclosure: This product was given to MobilityDigest for review by the company for review purposes only, and is not considered by us as payment for the review, we do not, and never will, accept payment from companies to review their products.