File this under ”About damn time”!  According to the AT&T Facebook page us lowly Captivate users are getting Froyo tomorrow. I’ll believe it when I see it. 

You’ll have to check the AT&T Facebook page for more information tomorrow, supposedly they’ll be posting a link about how to get it.

Via Engadget


  1. Oh boy and about time. This is my last Samsung phone but sticking with Android. When I find out what company will keep my phone updated to the newest ROMS, I will go with them. It looks like HTC is leading the pack. I know I can install a custom ROM but after Windows Mobile, my installing ROMS days mayber over. I still root and when I get this ROM I will overclock this puppy. I’m sure the fellows over on XDA will get this official ROM cooked up pretty good.

    Off subject:
    After rooting, still can’t beat free tethering with Android phones or is that like downloading illegal music or movies to your phone? I smell a “What is actually piracy on your phone acticle”. Stealing from artist or stealing from carrier or are you stealing at all.

  2. yeah.. I’ve had mine rooted, sideload enabled etc since day one. I didn’t want to mess with roms until 2.2 came out which I and every other Captivate owner thought would be much sooner than now.. I figured I’d mess with the roms after I hit 2.2, just didn’t expect to wait this long

  3. In related news, the AT&T locked Dell Streaks finally (after many broken promises) got their Froyo update today. I wonder what broke the dam at AT&T all of a sudden.

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