Looks like our friends over the pond will get their hands on the much anticipated Samsung Galaxy Nexus on November 17th. Leaked at a Galaxy Note event, Sammy has not not let us in on anything official yet. Some other rumors and news regarding the next Nexus is that it will be exclusive to Verizon. I know a few folks looking into Big Red and weighing the possibility of making a carrier jump or waiting for T-Mobile to get their stock of Samsung Galaxy Nexus in.

Either way, November is shaping up nicely for Android fans. Stay tuned for an official announcement hopefully coming soon from Samsung and Google.










  1. The Iphone 4s been released 4 weeks ago and 3 weeks after every companys sell it !! Why take so much time for the Nexus ????? I hate to say that but sales departement (Apple:5/5, Google 0/5) ;(

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