Samsung outs the much anticipated follow up to the super popular Galaxy S3. Although an incremental release hardware wise, Samsung has managed to fit seemingly every feature under the sun into the SG4. Check out our review as we give you a thorough walk through of the device.
0:27 design
3:55 Features
9:05 Camera
12:57 Drawbacks
14:08 Final Thoughts


  1. I played with S4 at a local store and found nothing that compelling. The “whatever follow my eyes” feature is nuiance at the best.

  2. What’s good Ramon. Now I will critique your review in real time. Tawann on the mic but I imagine you handled the post-production? Nice track running, Jay Z helps the 15+ minutes sail by. I’m sorry but I’m not feeling the Lifestyles logo font. Too retro. Scala is a sweet font, but I don’t know if it would work here. Never mind – it’s good enough, a little big though for a watermark.

    I heard the US version of this thing is quad core not octo core. What’s up with that? Ramon you’re killing me with the fifteen minutes, could you may accelerate the video next time? Speaking of chicken juice, my ol’ lady freaked out last night when I put the ice cube tray down on a placemat she was using to make dinner, going on about salmonella. What’s the big deal, it’s just some chicken juice, chill out.

    Be biased about the music app next time, everybody likes bias. You left out comparing it to the Google Play music player, love that thing. Okay Samsung impressed me with the remove unwanted objects trick. Hadn’t heard about this sound volume condensing, is it just set on as the default or can you not disable that? Does it do that on the speaker, headphone out and bluetooth? If you can’t disable that, man that sucks, especially if it’s at a low enough level that you guys noticed it.

    Good work man, both you and Tawann. I like how you managed to link various junctures of the clip like that. Aww, disabling stats? I didn’t even know you could do that. You are the youtube ninja.

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