Samsung is public enemy #1. When your event brings all of your chief competitors crawling out of their convenient confines to try and usurp your moment you’ve not only made it big but you have all the power. LG built higher promo billboards, HTC served hot cocoa and Pringles to cold and hungry media waiting in line and even Apple’s Marketing head Phil Schiller tried to denounce the Galaxy S4 before all eyes gazed on the device. In short, none of it mattered. Samsung released the most feature packed and well received device of 2013. Yes they still.have a penchant for despising premium materials but at least we know they have a logical reason. The hardware is top notch, the software is bringing along Android 4.2.2 (latest version available) and they did it in a way to keep the pricing competitive. Samsung GS4 will be tough to beat for anyone. A great device powered by immense marketing campaigns and brand recognition. The world asked could they top HTC and for my money & i suspect tens of millions of others the answer is an unequivocal yes. Drop a comment below and let me know what you think.

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  1. Top HTC in terms of what?

    I’d like to see Google prop LG up more. In spite of the specs and whistles of this SG4, I’d rather have the Nexus 4, no question.

    By the way, don’t just tell me to drop a comment and let you know what I think, you gotta play hard to get, tease it out of me.

  2. With SG4, I think Sammy is trying to distance itself with rest of Android and probably OHA in future. But if they distance themselves from OHA, I think it would be a loss to Sammy than Google. And of course it will be a second chance for dying OEMs HTC, LG and others.

  3. 1. i’ve been gone 2 months and the comments section turns into a bro hangout? really doug? (not not you simmons)

    as for the gs4, I definitely agree with what was said above. it’s nothing cutting edge or anythign that makes my jaw drop. reading hte engadget review of the htc one made my jaw drop. the problem is that the only things they spent money or time on were software and marketing for this. bumping up the screen size is logical but there’s nothing else to it. it’s the gs3 + an inch + a really interesting software suite that will probably have 20-30% of its users using half of its features at any given time. it’s cool stuff, but it’s just not practical enough. there are enough apps out there to do everything else so it seems samsung just kinda tried to fill in the gaps with random stuff they think is helpful. creative, yes. useful, kinda?

    i do think samsung’s trying to distance themselves but it’s such a shame. the reason i bought the one x over the gs3 is because touchwiz SUCKS!

    anyways to finish up my rant, it’s sad that the gs4 is a seemingly inferior phone to the one in most aspects but it’ll sell MUCH better than the one. why? because samsung made it.

    i read recently that samsung spends just as much on marketing as htc, lg and apple do on R&D…combined. if only htc would get the clue and dump their money into marketing like they did a couple years ago before they hit rock bottom. it’d definitely be a good investment.

    as for the nexus, i’d LOVE to see another htc nexus. like it would make my year.

    • HTC Nexus – I am in. I don’t like the quality of LG phones and that was one of my reasons to not get Nexus 4 and buying Note II.

    • Samsung has copied almost everything Apple does including marketing terms and iterative updates. The fact it will sell amazingly well and dominate is a sign consumers are sold things more than they buy them.

      • “consumers are sold things more than they buy them.”

        This right here is more the reason for android’s overall success than anything else.

      • @Sean, LOL i wouldn’t say it’s a win for android. samsung looks like they’re moving farther away from it with each itieration

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