If you are an AT&T Captivate or T-Mobile Vibrant owner you have perhaps noticed issues with their GPS working properly. There must be enough questions about the Galaxy S series because Samsung has just opened a new website called GalaxySHelp.com for you to register your device and get answers for questions you might have. Several people at XDA are saying that Samsung is ignoring the problem but Samsung Technical Support are admitting that there is a problem with the Galaxy S GPS. Let’s hope they get a fix out ASAP because there is going to be a mob of angry people that may have gone past their 14 day return window (T-Mobile).

If you got the Captivate or the T-Mobile Vibrant, let us know how the GPS is working in you. Stay tuned for more.


  1. The website (galaxyhelp.com) does not exist. Maybe it is not fully rolled out to all areas.

    I have the AT&T Captivate. Wonderful device, but, yes, the GPS has problems. With shipped GPS settings, the GPS is dead in the water. I adjusted GPS settings according to the posts on XDA and other Android forums. My Captivate can usually find 8-10 satellites, but only 3-5 will get a lock. The time to lock is variable — sometimes it locks in 10 seconds, sometimes 5 minutes, sometimes never (all outside). When a lock is achieved, it may drop unexpectedly.

  2. Samsung must think GPS is a freaking joke. They bricked that feature on the Epix to fix the LED notification issue people were having. They ignored it the entire time the phone was out. If Samsung didn’t do it right the first time then they will totally fail at making it right. They want you to buy another phone to fix it. Not foot the bill for screwing up.

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