According to the king of rumors before any given device launch (NYT,) the Samsung’s upcoming flagship will feature some pretty nifty eye tracking technology.

The way the tech works, the phone will keep track of yours eyes, once it senses you’re to the bottom of the screen, its simple scrolls for you! The feature is to be called “Samsung Eye Scroll.”

Upon further ridding, NYT has also stumbled upon a trademark called “Eye Pause.” If I had to make a guess, I would say this feature works similarly to Eye Scroll but does so with video. If the phone detects you looking away, it pauses the video. Neat indeed, but that’s just my guess.

With Apple boring the hell out of consumers, could this be the pull away segment for Samsung? Features like these will sure be killer in those commercials!


  1. This sounds like a concept that should stay in the conceptual stages because unless it works flawlessly it is going to be a huge nuisance. Not even sure the concept works great though…my finger is there – let me control it. Why bother- this is the next Siri. Such a good sounding (and yet useless) app.

  2. I am sure it will make for a great Samsung commercial. Just like the NFC instant video transfer commercials. After all, if it’s on TV (or the Internet) it must be true, right?

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