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One of the times when shopping is pain is when you forget what all had to buy. Things just get worse when you reach back home, and now you recall all you had to buy. Also, how do you remember what to buy from which store? There are so many ways to take care of this and one is using your Pocket PC.

ShopAid solves all sorts of problems we usually face when it comes to shopping. It is a finger friendly shopping list manager.  You can use ShopAid to manage items in almost every category maybe it is electronics, grocery, clothes, or any other. You can also add pictures to the items in your list from stores using your camera. Once you have used the app for some time, added items, stores, and pictures, the app fulfills almost all of your needs.


In addition to all these features, you can backup your lists and share them with others. There are two versions available – free and paid. The free version has the following limitations:

  • 3 shopping lists.
  • 5 items per list.
  • 3 managed stores.
  • 20 managed items.

And the paid version has no limits at all.

Download the free version from here and full version from here.

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  1. …holey carps! First reaction: WOW! Second reaction: Let me think – is this *really* useful or just a case of “oh shiney?” Third reaction: But if you create a “list” (ex. for groceries – something you buy on a regular basis) for each trip, it’s easy to check your history and look for trends. And that is *very* helpful I think.

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