Whether Sony may defeat Google or not, I wouldn’t spend $1500 for an AR eye glass(es), even if I change my heart and decide to buy one. http://seekingalpha.com/article/1318491-sony-might-defeat-google-glass?source=yahoo. I still stand by my word, http://mobilitydigest.com/there-is-already-competition-to-google-glasses/ I have seen a lot of people abusing Bluetooth headset, talking loudly and disrespecting surroundings. They just look like a bunch of crazies on loose. No I don’t say Bluetooth Headset is bad. It may or may not make the user look like a douchebag. But if you use technology properly, it is good. But I am worried about most of them. Already we have hell lot of distractions on the road. God knows what happens, when these Glasses are used by a driver. I hope Google, Sony or someone that makes these might just shutdown the “Glass” worn by driver. Well they may not be able to , can they? I don’t want to bump into the ones who are wearing these Google or Sony made eye glasses. Today I read Baidu, the Chinese Search Engine, is also building one http://www.fool.com/investing/general/2013/04/03/baidus-keeping-an-eye-on-google-again.aspx.


  1. Perhaps these glasses would either somehow provide a helpful function for drivers, like speed or some sort of obstacle or blind curve highlighting, I don’t know, or perhaps they’ll shut themselves off if the glasses realize they’re probably moving in a car.

    One thing Google will avoid doing, as they’ve been avoiding doing with the self-driving cars pretty impressively, is getting a bunch of people to die because they ignored some warning label, with or without the help of the government, so I would encourage you not to worry too much about that.

    As for the Chinese however, where it’s hazardous to breathe or lick the paint of children’s toy cars or to suggest in your newspaper that it’s time for China to try to distance itself a little from North Korea, a place better known for its rampant bootlegging and gadget knockoff industry than for its human rights abuse track record and where criminal hacking experience can get you a good nine to five gig with their government, all such bets are off.

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