Well, that was incredibly fast.  In a surprise to the Skyfire team, apparently more people than they anticipated in their dreams were VERY interested in getting their mits on the new browser.  So many people, actually, that they were forced to stop selling the application just 5 hours after its release because their servers weren’t able to keep up with the video conversion demand.

This very fast sell off of the app has pushed Skyfire to the top of the charts.

Within 5 hours, Skyfire for iPhone became the top grossing app, the third highest paid app overall and the top application in the Utilities category.

Very impressive, and let’s hope that this translates to great support, updates and features in the future.

Skyfire announcement

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  1. Wait, so people who use iPhones do want Flash…Steve Jobs simply can’t compute this. Oh wait, he get’s 20% of the sales of the largest grossing app…he computed it and he’s fine with it

  2. Don’t think Skyfire charged enough for the app. The should have added a Sin tax, like around $9.99, for all those iPhoners that can’t wait to use flash. Steve would have liked that even more.

  3. So is this why Skyfire has stopped working on my Tilt2 suddenly? Skyfire now can’t handle the load and influx of all the new users? I’ve been getting error messages all afternoon and yet Opera still works on my phone. Very fishy to me.

  4. Yup same old story. First Iphone sucks up our AT&T 3G bandwidth, now they’re sucking up our Skyfire goodness :-(

  5. To be perfectly honest, the biggest thing that sucks about not having flash, is seeing little gray boxes that say FLASH in them. granted, I’ve jailbroken the phone and installed Frash, and can click on these boxes and see the content, and without having one this, NOTHING would should up…

    Most online videos popup in Apples HTML5 video player or the youtube player, and they work pretty damn well. There are exceptions, and to be honest, I don’t really see it as a major issue since about 90-95% of the sites I goto on a daily basis work just fine on the iPhone.

  6. That’s why I couldn’t use Skyfire on the way to work today. I had to use PIE, which I noticed was significantly slower.

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