Slacker Radio has been extracted from the TMo HD2 Rom. This comes to us from TMartin of PPCGeeks and has also made its way to XDA. Even though it’s ported from a WVGA device, I’ve tried it on a VGA Fuze running 6.5 and it seems to work pretty well. You can sign up for a free account on your phone. There’s a 6 song sip per hour limit (which apparently you can get passed by just switching stations and going back to it again. As you can see there’s a slight graphics overlap but hey, I’ll take it. oh and tapping on the album gives you lyrics (only partial in the free version), bio and album review and it’s all put together well. In VGA I can’t see how to skip tracks and the app is set to minimize and not exit – you need to go into the menu to force exit; to close the app (multitasking at its finest- take that crApple!:))

If you don’t know what Slacker is, it’s like Pandora or any other streaming radio service. There’s a paid subscription version with added features and benefits if you want more, which you can read about on their site.




  1. you know i might actually use this. i was just talking about how i stopped using pandora since the winmo app sucks so much. which is a shame cause they can do better. its brilliant on the iphone.

  2. It doesn’t work on my Touch Pro 2 by Sprint, but of course I’m running WinMo 6.1
    Every station I try to play I get the following error “Oops Something Went Wrong. Skip to the next track. The only option is gives me is “back” I click that & choose another station or skip to the next track & the same error occurs. I think it sucks that Slacker came out with an app for WebOS before WinMo (that works) b/c WinMo has been around forever!!! My friends has a TP2 on VZW same issue :-(
    Just another reason why I am switching to something other that WinMo

  3. @HTC Tuch Pro 2 Sprint – go to the XDA link and start at the end…there’s a hidden gem in the thread that will get you past the ‘oops’ page.

  4. On my Touch Pro running WM6.1, I found that, by opening the onscreen keyboard, then pressing up on the navigation control, a menu opens where you can skip songs, ‘like’ songs, or pause/resume songs.

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