Sony and RealVNC announced today that they are teaming up to integrate RealVNC’s remote access technology/software into Sony’s Xperia line.  What does that mean in layman’s terms?  It means that you’ll be able to access your Xperia’s applications (oh, say navigation, traffic, music, internet radio) from your similarly-equipped car’s dashboard.  (Naturally, pursuant to legal regulations regarding safety and driver distraction, blah blah.)

What cars currently seem to use this, you ask?  Jaguar Land Rover.  Yeah…I’ll just go out and get one right away. (By the way, I’m pretty fluent in sarcasm and snark.)

Now, at first glance, I kind of like this idea.  If you’ve GOT to have an “infotainment” (I hate that word) dashboard, and you absolutely HAVE to access your phone, being able to do it straight from the dashboard is better than reaching for your phone, trying to operate it while trying to drive, and fumbling more than the 1978 San Francisco 49ers. According to their press release, they use Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB, MirrorLink (an open standard) and iPod Out, for you fruits out there.

This also means that when you call a helpdesk number for help with your now-more-expensive toy, they can remote into your phone.  So just delete your porn wallpaper before you call.

Source: RealVNC Press Release


  1. Good that companies are thinking outside the box with stuff like this. But these deals need to be made, minimally at the platform level, not the OEM level. So I buy a $70K car and “must” use a Sony phone to talk to my dashboard. Hell, even if they included a matching pair in the glovebox, instead of free undercoating, I wouldn’t want to be locked in to a single phone.

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