I just wanted to let everyone know that we are sorry for all the down time over the last couple days and that we are working on resolving the issue. Mobility Digest has been down because of a power failure at the data center our web host uses in New York. Apparently the building has 5 data centers in it and they all were affected causing a lot of problems. New York had Edison’s finest working on the problem and we are hoping to have this resolved. Regardless, we will be moving away from New York to greener pastures elsewhere in the very near future.

Thanks again for your patience during these issues.


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  2. Alright Doug, you can come clean!!!!!!
    Will we be hearing stories about a tall redheaded man fleeing an Apple store, laughing manically and screaming, “I have five bars…..I have five bars”?????
    Did Doug Simmons break into the Apple store to try and boost the store network so he could get better signal on his Android phone in Central Park?
    Come clean Doug, did Doug Simmons crash half of New Yorks power grid in his endless search for better coverage?????

  3. @Bryan: Whatever Simmons did yesterday I can assure you that I had no knowledge of prior, during, or after and my lawyers say that Apple can’t prove anything! :)

  4. Well Doug, I guess AT&T has a server farm in the same location, cause 5 minutes after I purchased my 0.01 cent Tilt2 (or at least I hope I did – I got a receipt) all their sites went down for maintenance and they have been down for a couple hours. Unusual for a Friday afternoon.

    Hope Mr. Simmons is not responsible. Got to stay away from theose high voltage lines.

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