I got to give a round of thanks to the guys at TmoNews for hooking us up with the new T-Mobile myTouch 4G commercial featuring Carly Foulkes. Yes, we are pretty keen about Carly and feel a responsibility to bring you anything Carly…ah….I mean T-mobile related. It is a little hard to hear the dialog with Carly on stage but it is worth the watch for obvious reasons!



  1. Sorry about the screwed up thumb nail, I hate the way our theme compresses pictures for the thumb nail pics.

  2. The ads are ok but they are seriously ripping off the Apple/MS ads. oh well, at least she’s easy on the eyes!

  3. Easy on the eyes indeed, plenty of je ne sais quois with that broad, the kind with endurance, you know what I mean? Two months from now, guarantee you we’ll still find her just as especially attractive.

    Can you imagine if she were an xda lurker, wondering whether or not to spend an afternoon getting cyanogenmod onto her mytouch 4g? It’s not impossible. Teaching her IRL how to flash a custom rom, wow, just like Patrick Swayze teaching Demi Moore how to do some pottery and then sort of segue onto other activities.

  4. The whole “4G” campaign is a lie / scam – there’s no such thing at this time. In fact, “4G” is still in the discussion / planning stage. This is another blatant example of FALSE MARKETING. Don’t be a fool – fully research before making a purchase of any new technology. There’s PLENTY of chatter online to support the fact that “4G” is nothing more than a catch-phrase as of JAN 2011.

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