I’m sorry but are we as a society have not gotten to the point where the newspaper reading in a bathroom can be acceptably replaced by an iPad in a bathroom. Certainly not in a public bathroom. Yuppy-central Starbucks doesn’t qualify as an exception. In true spirit of George Costanza allow me to impart some advice. There is no amount of explaining you can do to justify taking an iPad into a public restroom. None!


Wait, did I just call myself a yuppy? Those are the breaks.


  1. Well, I hate people talking over phone while they are busy in the bathroom stalls. It is sometimes funny but most of the times is just ridiculous. Commonsense people, we understand if it is emergency, but not talking to your other significant or friends, while you are sh*tting.

  2. > sh*tting
    I’m okay with Internet profanity. What irritates me though is this sort of pointless obfuscation. What purpose does it serve, Ram?

    I can tell you what purpose it didn’t serve, preventing me from being banned from AOL back in my Geoworks days…

    Weird, they were okay with all the bogus generated credit card numbers, but they draw the line at obfuscated naughty words in the chat rooms. Screw ’em, slip/ppp account time, still remember my ATDT commands, winsock.dll, woah it’s all coming back.

    • I think geniuses whoever worked for AOL happened to write for ZDNet forums. There your comment with genuine words will not be posted, but if someone happen to say words like idiot, crap, stupid, fool etc, ZDNet forums software is happy. But for any reason if you criticize someone’s post with genuine reason, it says, sorry your comment happens to have derogatory words.

      ATDM0 1234567890

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