There … are no words for this. Just click the link and watch the video. (BBC doesn’t allow for embedding.)

As a parent, I’m of two minds: 1/10 says, you sit the kid on the potty and at least they’ve got something to do until they go. Over time, presumably, they’ll get used to going more quickly. (Seriously – my son was 1 week past his fourth birthday when he FINALLY started using the potty. He just wasn’t mentally ready.) The other 9/10 says, “Are you out of your freakin’ MIND?? 1) I wouldn’t let a toddler play on a tablet – they’re just too expensive. 2) Yeah, it has a cover, but it’s just a flat cover. There IS space for little boys to get it accidentally wet. Remember: if kids can break it, it WILL be broken. 4) Yes, the iPad holder comes out. But YOU KNOW that the kid will just get up, get caught up on the iPad, and knock the potty over, spilling ALL CONTENTS all over your floor. 3) My father and my husband ALREADY spend forever reading on the john. I don’t need to program that behavior THAT EARLY. JUST. NO.”

And you KNOW that somewhere, out there, there’s a grown man saying, “COOL! I want one in adult size.” 

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  1. WOW! FUN!
    I want one. I will size it up for myself.
    Just teasing, like you, my wife says enough already. Get out of the bathroom.
    I say, Go use the other bathroom, that’s why I bought a house with 2.

  2. Haha A very practical answer. I grew up in a 1-bathroom house, and believe me, a 2-bath was high on my ‘must have’ list when I was house hunting!

  3. In my days of being a weekend home remodeler, a magazine rack built in to the wall adjacent to the throne was the most well received feature. The men of the house simply loved it. Guess it could double as a tablet shelf though. Wireless charging would really be cool.

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