I thought I would pass on a great article and photo edit by wmpoweruser.com and see what our community has to say about the soon to be released HTC Touch Pro II and all it’s added size and girth. Check out this photo:

Quite a difference huh? Now, I took the article a little further and added a few devices to a spread sheet to really give you an idea of what we are talking about. Check out the specifications on the following devices:

  Kaiser Touch Pro Touch Pro II Touch HD iPhone
Length 112mm 102mm 116mm 115mm 115.5mm
Width 59mm 51mm 59.2mm 62.8mm 62.1mm
Thickness 19mm 18.05mm 17.25mm 12mm 12.3mm
Weight 190g 165g 175g 147g 133g
Screen Size 2.8" 2.8" 3.6" 3.8" 3.5"


As you can see, the Touch Pro II is not as bad as press it’s getting. It’s only slightly longer than the Touch HD and iPhone, two VERY popular devices right now. Narrower than all devices except the Touch Pro (Fuze), and not nearly as thick as the Kaiser (Tilt) and the Touch Pro. Lastly, if the TyTN II/Tilt didn’t pull your pants down putting it on holster connected to your belt, then you will also be fine with the Touch Pro II. This is an IMPRESSIVE device simply because of the Screen Size and Slide out Keyboard. Keep in mind this device will also have a Tilting screen, something I miss still. So what do you think, can you you stand the added bulk for the killer 3.6 WVGA screen and slide out keyboard? 

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  1. 2 is a lot different than Touch Pro. It’s seemingly a Kaiser but thinner & sexified. Like big Kaiser and sleek Touch Pro got together and had a big, sleek, sexy baby. Weird way to put it but true!

    I can’t wait to see this one up close. Very excited that they not only brought back but upgraded tilt-ability, screen looks amazing, can’t wait!

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