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The Wisdom of Chuck Norris at Your Fingertips

How often has this happened to you (it happens to me all the time)? You’re at a cocktail party and, in the middle of a deep philosophical debate that includes references to Descartes and Kierkegaard, you absolutely must add Chuck Norris’s perspective on the discussion. Well, folks, now you can.

There is no doubt that Reaper over xda-developers has far too much time on his hands. What else could explain his latest app, Chuck Norris Facts, a WM app based on the web site, It has absolutely no value whatsoever. But I have to admit that the Chuck Norris facts and jokes are a real hoot. Whether you like his politics or not, you can entertain yourself for hours (okay, minutes) with this app. And you can whip out this bad-boy app next time you’re at a party with your guy pals and really impress them.

But one word of advice: Don’t even think about showing this app off on your next date. If you do, game over…

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